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I'm a 24 year old female working as a Registered Nurse. I love dramas, manga, games, anime, asian actors/singers/etc. (especially JE boys), and conventions (AX since 2000). 美少女戦士セーラームーん(Sailor Moon) was the major contributor towards my interests today... if you couldn't tell by the layout (which I think I should change because it has been this way since I started this...[which doesnt even show up now...]) I enjoy a variety of dramas, anime and manga though~! :D I don't update my journal as much or comment because I am always busy with work, but I try my hardest to stay updated with the friends here and I always try to thank the communities I'm a part of. Most of my entries are made whenever I feel the inspiration to write... most are about random life events or rants about nothing. Anyhow, I'm always open to new people, new places, new experiences, etc. Great times come from it. So, drop me a comment or do whatever tickles your fancy. Have a great day~

*Disclaimer* Uhms, so my journal doesn't show my entries and makes you go to an error page, but if you manage to make it to my profile you can obviously see that it works... if/when I have the motivation, i'll figure out what's wrong with my old formatting that most likely caused that to happen...